We are seeing that 80-90% of cases coming to us for behavioural therapy have problems also requiring physiotherapy. Most of these problems were previously undiscovered.

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Behavioural Therapy

Do you love your dog dearly but you are struggling to cope with some of the things they do?
We have a range of online services which we tailor to each individual case.


Is your dog recovering from an injury? Are you worried they are slowing down?      

We offer online and in-house physiotherapy services to keep your dog mobile and happy .


Want to help your dog and build trust without complicated training programmes? Are you a professional looking for new ways to work?

We have online programmes to suit everyone.

Puppy Training

Our puppy training is all online so you can start as soon as you get your puppy.

Start with our beginner 4 week programme to avoid being overwhelmed by your new tiny terror

Veterinary Services

If you are looking for alternative and complementary veterinary options contct us for more information .

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Unwanted canine behaviours can completely ruin the experience of living with a dog. They can cause arguments, frustration, worry and often fear for people living with dogs who exhibit undesirable behaviours and this is so sad, because life with dogs should be a fun and enriching experience.

Our wish is for you to have that experience, starting RIGHT NOW!

If you feel you are the person who is stuck with a dog you dearly love, but you wish they would just not do some things that make life difficult, then the good news is we are here to help you.

Every situation is completely different from the next and as such, there is no one size fits all approach to any problem. We will spend time listening to your concerns and establishing a treatment plan specifically tailored to your unique requirements.

We want you to understand the cause of the problems you are having and teach you techniques to enable you to be confident from the first day of the programme, that you can transform the way you live with your dog for EVER!

We offer a free consultation call to hear your concerns and to establish the perfect treatment plan for you and your dog. Transformation starts the minute you pick up the phone, so why wait?

Our New Online Physiotherapy Services are here!

Comprehensive Canine Behavioural Therapy Consultation

with Julie Moss

80 – 90% of behaviour cases we see actually also needed physiotherapy for an underlying musculoskeletal condition. Most of these had been previously undiscovered. A simple behavioural therapy programme isnt enough to address this and you may also need some extra expert observations in order to secure a diagnosis from your vet if the problem is not highly visible.

This led to the development of this comprehensive consultation. There is both a behavioural and physical assessment and report to your vet. Packaging all these things together means that we can get as much information as possible to uncover the cause of the behaviour problem.

Requires Veterinary



Initial history taking on the phone

Assessment part one at the centre - 90 minutes

Assessment part two at your home - 90 minutes

Report sent to your vet

Pay for a consultation here or contact us first if you have questions.

Simple Canine Behavioural Therapy Consultation

with Julie Moss

This is essentially the same as the comprehensive consultation without the physiotherapy assessment or vet report.

Please note!

If a physiotherapy assessment is also recommended it will be treated as a separate service at a cost of £60.

Requires no Veterinary



Assessment part one at the centre -60 minutes

Assessment part two at your home - 60 minutes

Pay for a consultation here or contact us first if you have questions.

Now also available online!

Signs of problems are not always as visible as obvious lameness until they have been present for a long time, or unless they are as a result of an acute injury.

Our dogs are amazingly adaptable and if one of their limbs is not working very well and is causing them discomfort, they will simply use the other three limbs more until they eventually wear out too, bit by bit, until everyone can see they are lame or they fall down! By this time many years may have passed and now it is blamed on their age. However the problem may have been there for many years when they were a much younger dog.

Dogs can cope with quite high levels of pain and dysfunction in this way for a very long time. They can run and jump and seem to be normal most of the time.  However, underlying issues can cause what appear to be ‘random’ behavioural problems, as they are being asked to do things daily which are difficult for them, but nobody realises why.

Not sure if your dog needs physiotherapy?

Coming Soon!

Online Canine Veterinary Physiotherapy Services

Our new service has been specially developed to enable assessments and treatments to take place using online technology.

We can do this using uploaded videos, a client information portal and video call technology. This way of assessing and treating means that you are an integral part of your dog’s therapy and we can teach you many techniques to use to dramatically improve your dog’s life and ensure you feel empowered and confident when caring for your dog.

If you would like to be informed when this service goes live please enter your contact details so we can let you know the minute it happens.

Veterinary Physiotherapy Assessment

with Julie Moss

A physiotherapy assessment is necessary to begin with. This allows us to see where your dog is having problems and what we need to do to help.

After the assessment treatment sessions will be schedued according to the needs of your dog. It isn’t possible to say how many but a good place to start is to have a series of an assessment then 3-4 follow ups fairly close together.

Following that, a maintenance schedule can be decided to keep your dog on track. A report is sent to your vet so they are included in the process.

Requires Veterinary

£60 - initial assessment


Assessment at the centre - 90 minutes

Report sent to your vet

£35 - follow up treatment


Treatment at the centre - 60 minutes

Important updates sent to your vet

Pay for an assessment here or contact us first if you have questions.

Online TTouch Services Coming Soon!

TTouch is one of our favourite therapies. It underpins all the work we do, much of which wouldn’t be possible without it. We offer it to clients wanting to learn as a one to one with their own dog or as a workshop.

Workshops are a more structured way to learn and you can see how several different dogs respond differently in that environment. You can bring a dog or come alone, whichever suits you best. Workshops are a great way for either professionals or casual canine enthusiasts to learn how to understand and observe their dog in more detail and learn practical skills to help them.

One to one sessions enable you to have a session with your dog alone, just learning what best works for them. This is great for dogs who wouldn’t be happy in a group setting.

Please note that only by completing the official TTouch Practitioner Training Course can you go out and teach TTouch to clients. Attendance at a workshop or one to one sesson does not qualify you to do that. However, if you just wish to learn more skills to help dogs you work with then a workshop is a great place to start. You can use the techniques learned as part of your work, but cannot teach them to clients.


Look out for our online courses and one to one services coming soon!

Tellington TTouch

with Julie Moss

Choose from a full day workshop or a one to one session here at the centre,

Full day workshops cover a variety of TTouches, body wraps, observations and groundwork.

One to one sessions include any combination of the above that benefits your dog specifically.

If you know your dog is having mobility problems but are not sure what is wrong it can be better to have a physiotherapy assessment rather than a TTouch one to one, where you get both the TTouch information for your dog and more to help them. You would then also get the vet report to assist you in getting a diagnosis.

If in doubt you can bring a signed referral form with you on the day so either option is possible.

£65 - workshop place

Go to the Education and Events page for details of current workshops

£60 - one to one session


Up to 2 hours at the centre

Pay for a one to one here or contact us first if you have questions.


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