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There is so much we can do to keep our older dogs fit and happy

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'They Are Just Getting Old'

I particularly dislike that sentence which implies that once your dog gets to a certain point they are ‘just getting old’ and nothing else can be done to help you or them.
It is absolutely possible to grow old gradually and gracefully whilst remaining bright and active. Sure some things don’t work quite as well as they used to, but you can do lots to support those things to help them work as well as possible and switch to activities which are possible to do safely whilst still having great quality of life.
At Canine Mind and Body Balance we are passionate about individual holistic support, which means we look at all aspects of YOUR dog’s health and lifestyle. We can then help you to give them the best support to enable them to age with as much fun and adventure as possible.
We can help you support and enjoy life with your older dog through a combination of services. Most are offered here at the centre but others may be recommended within their own specialist facilities.
Our aim is for you to have continuity so you don’t have to agonise over where to take your dog in case they have a completely different approach to the last person you saw. So if you see a vet here their advice and approach will be aligned with the physiotherapist or behaviour practitioner you saw here too.
Complementary and holistic therapies have been viewed as a lesser form of treatment and sub-optimal approach to health by some so we choose only those which we know will benefit you and your dog to take the guesswork out of it.

Choose Your Combination of Support

Our multimodal approach to therapy means you get the best blend of therapies for your dog and you.

Our holistic vet service enables you to have a long consultation at the centre with a holistic vet who will take the time to go through all aspects of your dog’s health and lifestyle.
We can also offer physiotherapy assesments and treatment as support for any conditions causing your dog to slow down or avoid doing things they used to. It’s amazing how much more active your dog could be once we address a lifetime accumulation of hidden aches and pains and more recent arthritic changes.
Our behaviour services can help you to find alternative activities and also help you with any behavioural changes which may have occurred recently. In fact, if your dog’s behaviour has changed as they age it is important to rule out hidden discomfort or illness as a cause. YES! YOU REALLY CAN TEACH AN OLD DOG NEW TRICKS!!
Our TTouch workshops or one to ones are the perfect way to re-connect with your dog and also to learn ways to give them some pain relief and comfort.

Not Sure What You Need?

Ways to Help Your Older Dog

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