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Integrative Canine Therapy

integrative canine therapy
integrative canine therapy

Canine Mind and Body Balance

"I feel very strongly that integrated therapy is the way forward if we are
to keep our dogs truly healthy and happy"

Julie Moss (CMBB founder and therapist)

about us

We are situated in the peaceful village of Lumb in Rossendale, Lancashire and we specialise in C.A.M. therapies and force free handling of dogs.



We offer two types of comprehensive behavioural consultations at the centre

Veterinary Physiotherapy

A physiotherapy assessment followed by treatment sessions. Requires veterinary referral.


One to one sessions or full day workshops here at the centre.

Education and events

Full Day Seminars
and Workshops

Are you a professional looking for interesting and informative CPD, or are you a canine enthusiast wanting to learn as much as possible about dogs? We have both.

Short Talks for

Our short talks cover many different aspects of canine behaviour and health. Perfect as a starting point for those just wanting to understand dogs better.

Contact us

  • 01706 215335
  • Holmes Street, Rossendale, Lancs. BB4 9PT
Contact Me
  • 01706 215335
  • Holmes Street, Lumb, Rossendale, Lancs. Bb4 9PT
  • 01706 215335
  • Holmes Street, Rossendale, Lancs. BB4 9PT

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