Problems With Your Adult Dog?

All grown up now?

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Adult or Adolescent?

Between the ages of 6 months and anything up to 2 (or even 3) years  they are in the adolescent phase.

Outside of that range they are in that broad and rather vague stage referred to as adulthood, which includes the older dogs. On this page we are focusing on adults up to 7/8 years old. Older dog needs are discussed here.
In the adult stage of life anything can happen. Sometimes new problems seem to happen for no reason and other times you can probably see it as a continuation of something they experienced when they were younger.
Problems develop because they didn’t have a great start due to circumstances at the time, or maybe life has changed and there have been traumatic or disruptive circumstances which have upset your usually well behaved dog.
Sometimes it can seem like there is no reason for the change and your dog has just changed into an alien overnight or over a period of time.
Maybe you have had a concern for a long time and hoped things would improve. Maybe you now think that your dog is too old to change or learn anything new?
The good news is that there is always something you can do about your situation to make it easier and less painful to live with.

If your dog can't travel, is unhappy with other people or dogs, or just isn't coping with the world very well we have you covered!

Our 8 week online programmes mean you and your dog don't need to endure unnecessary stress.

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We want you and your dog to feel comfortable and enjoy our training programmes. It shouldn’t be something you have to dread or endure.

  • It can be difficult inviting a trainer into your home or life to help you if your dog is unhappy with strangers.

  • It can take time for the trainer to be accepted nearby so you can start to make progress.

  • It is stressful for you and your dog to be in that position and it makes it much harder for you both to learn.

  • If your dog hates rain and the appointment is on a rainy day you have to re-arrange.

  • Using online video calls and an extensive video vault of tutorial videos and daily diary systems we can guide you through and track your progress as if we were there with you

  • And if you get to the point where you feel ready for an in-person training session you can absolutely do that too!

  • We dont want anything to stand in the way of you getting the help you need so we design the programme for YOU!

Don't want online training?

Why not ask about our hybrid programmes and get the best aspects of online learning with as much in person tuition as you choose.

Choose Your Level of Support

Self Study

Core programme

  • A six week step by step programme showing you how to keep your dog happy.
  • Once you understand how to keep your dog happy they won’t make you unhappy with the things they do.
  • Each week a new section is released with video tutorials, quizzes and action steps.
  •  Perfect if you want to improve your dog’s behaviour or just want to make their lives even better.
  • A free 30 minute advice call with us for extra tailored advice

What we cover

  • Why your dog does what they do
  • How to stop the things you dont like them doing
  • Why what they eat and how they exercise can change the way they behave.
  • The hidden reasons causing your dog to misbehave
  • How dogs learn and how to get them to learn what you want them to.


Group Class

6 week group class

  • Everything in the core programme plus additional online group classes
  • Perfect if you want to learn with others or in a more structured environment
  • Connect with others doing the same activities as you
  • Be able to ask questions and get feedback on your action steps each week
  • Small group classes to make sure you get the most value from the course

What is included?

    • The Happy Dog Blueprint 6 week course
    • 1 live online class per week
    • 1 live online Q&A class per week
    • Online community
    • 3 months free membership


One to One

4 or 8 week programmes

  • If you have existing problems with your adult dog
  • An individualised and tailored programme covering all aspects of the Happy Dog Blueprint and how it relates specifically to your dog.
  • One to one sessions either online or in-person.
  • Week by week access to an extensive video vault to support the one to one training sessions.
  • The best and most effective option if you are worried about your dog’s behaviour

What is included

  • Access to your own website which contains all your resources throughout the programme.
  • The Happy Dog Blueprint core programme
  • One to one in person or online sessions
  • Weekly check-ins to keep you on track
  • Daily diaries and tracking tools to make sure we get to the heart of your problems

Extensive Video Vault

You learn expert training skills to be your dog's best teacher

If your adult or adolescent dog no longer enjoys being touched or groomed, this can be a sign of hidden discomfort.

Physiotherapy Assessment

One often overlooked cause of behaviour problems is hidden pain.

Dogs are very good at working aroud the bits of them that aren't functioning very well and can do this invisibly for many years.

A physiotherapy assessment can help to see if there is a hidden problem and can also be a way to treat the problem.

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