Raw Food, Treats and Supplements

An appropriate diet is a major part of integrative therapy

Raw food for dogs (and cats) isn’t so unusual anymore. Once seen as a passing fad it has now become an extremely popular choice as people see the benefits to their dog’s health and behaviour when switching to raw.

At Canine Mind and Body Balance we recommend that clients aim for the best diet they can for their animals, as this can make a huge difference to their ability to benefit from therapy, whether that be behavioural or physical therapy. We have all heard the saying “You are what you eat”, or, more accurately, “You become what you eat”. This means that everything you or your animals eat can contribute to their health in either a positive or negative way and it should also be enjoyable!

Photographs used with kind permission from The Natural Canine Kitchen


How does our shop work?

We offer a bespoke, appointment only, order and collection service, not a walk in shop service. We also do not offer delivery, except for the Paleo Ridge range, which comes direct to your door from the manufacturer.

If you are not sure what you need and would like more information then why not book a free 30 minute call with us to have a chat about the options.

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