Puppy Life Skills Class

Why Life Skills classes?

This class follows on from the Socialisation classes and is for puppies under 6 months of age. It is a 4 week class and costs £30. If you would like to book a place on the next class please fill in the form at the bottom of the page.

It is so important for puppies to socialise with other dogs when they are very young. However, this needs to be done correctly and in a way that makes interacting with other dogs a positive experience for your puppy.

It is also important that your puppy has the necessary social skills to enable them to be flexible in their approach to other puppies and older dogs. We see many young puppies who are already struggling to interact with others when they come to socialisation classes. If they are not helped with this they will develop into an adult dog with inadequate social skills and this may result in them being reactive towards other dogs or fearful of them.

These classes are designed to provide plenty of time and space for the puppies to slowly be introduced to one another, one at a time, in a way that allows them to learn to interact with each other positively. There are only a maximum of 6 puppies allowed in each class so if a puppy is already struggling they wont be overwhelmed and will have time to settle and relax around the others.

If a puppy is having serious problems interacting with other dogs or people they will need to do some behavioural work with Julie on their own first to prepare them for the class.

Questions and answers

These classes are different from the normal training classes in that the focus is on puppy development and enabling owners to ask questions about the behaviour of their puppy as the weeks progress. Every week there is an opportunity to ask about anything you wish about your puppy and the class is very flexible to allow it to provide assistance to those struggling with certain behaviours their puppy is displaying.

What are Life Skills

We see lots of adult dogs struggling with self-control because they have never been taught and feel this is an underlying issue of many behavioural problems. Puppies are impulsive and need to be taught how to cope with frustration. If this is done early and correctly they can learn patience and therefore cope with the things in life that they have to deal with. Our world is filled with things they want to do but are not allowed to do, so its good to prepare them for this in order to have an adult who can cope with the world and all its frustrations. We will be doing lots of exercises to help your puppy learn good self control.

Cass on paper

We will also be looking at dog body language to enable you as an owner to understand what your puppy is trying to tell you. Again, this is another area where misunderstandings occur and mistakes are made when communication between dog and person breaks down.


It is also important that puppies learn how to understand and interact with the world around them. There are many things that we take for granted that puppies are seeing for the first time so its important to enable them to experience lots of different environments in a way they find positive and enjoyable. Things that are initially new experiences such as traffic passing them on the roads, people on bikes, sounds of children playing etc later become things they habituate to. This means they are aware of them but they dont really take too much notice of them as they are regular experiences.

The Soundproof Puppy Training app is useful to enable you to expose your puppy to new sounds gradually and link them to positive experiences. Start by playing the sounds very, very quietly. Maybe even lower in volume than you can hear because a dogs hearing is much more sensitive then ours.

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