Ruth Lomax

Ruth Lomax

Bowen Therapist

Ruth Lomax is a qualified, insured and very experienced Bowen Technique practitioner with the Bowen Association UK ( since 2001, treating Horses, Dogs and People. She has been treating Julie Moss (Owner of the Canine Mind and Body Balance Centre) for a few years to help keep her posture correctly aligned, pain free and mobile. She is normally based at her home in Sowerby Bridge in West Yorkshire but on Julie’s suggestion, is now offering the Bowen Technique to dog and animal owners of Rossendale at the CMBB Centre on a Tuesday afternoon and early evening. As you can see from Ruth and Julie’s own experience, the owners need therapy too!

Ruth was a Teacher and a Healer helping horses, smaller animals and people for 10 years. She saw the need to train in another therapy to more directly treat musculoskeletal issues with horses, of which there are many!  She looked at many modalities but knew she had found something amazing when she saw a Bowen demonstration. She immediately trained in both the Human and the Equine (EMRT) and later in the Canine version (Ccmrt) with the Bowen Association of UK and Equus College of learning and Research in Australia and has never regretted it. Since then she has added other therapies to her toolbox to help more fully, especially with people, but the Bowen technique is the backbone of her practice due to its consistently good results in so many physical problems.

Ruth previously had horses for 30 years and her hips and back took the toll of falls and mucking out. Prior to Bowen  she had always had difficulty keeping her right leg as long and strong as her left whilst riding, and her left ankle ached a lot whilst jumping due to previous ankle sprains. Her pelvis was rotated and she showed leg length differences. Once treated her pelvis became level and balanced and her legs were the same length! There was a marked difference in her position and the ease in which she rode. Bowen (EMRT) was used on her horses too.

Ruth has also been a dog owner for the past 20 years and presently has a large 2 year old deaf American Bulldog cross called Angelo, which she took on after rescuing him from very poor circumstances. He was 14 months old, large, strong, had all his bits, with no training or boundaries in place. His digestive system and immune system were very poor and he also suffers from injuries to his back and hind legs sustained in his first home which are being treated mainly with Ccmrt.

Teaching Angelo not to pull, lunge at cats and dogs and behave in most circumstances took its toll on Ruth’s own body for the first year she had him, resulting in a number of painful muscle, ligament and joint injuries which nearly led her to give him up. But there was no way she could let that happen so perseverance and treating herself, mainly with the Bowen Technique, kept her physically pain free, balanced and strong.

The experience made her observe other owners and it was clear it affected many in the same way. They too were being twisted and pulled out of alignment. Ruth knows this could have lasting impact on their muscles, joints and ligaments resulting in pain, postural compensations leading to more pain down the line if left untreated. Once injured, even the slightest pull from a dog could be painful.