Riaflex Boswelia (40%)

About Boswellia (40% Boswellic Acid)

Used for soothing sore stiff joints and muscles, Boswellia is a natural product that is safe for long term use. Riaflex uses a high quality standardised 5:1 extract with a 40% Boswellic Acid content to provide the best possible comfort.

It is important to note that many companies do not disclose their Boswellic Acid content because it is very low. Riaflex contain 40% Boswellic Acid. Many other companies when you enquire contain just 1-15%.

Commonly known as Frankincense, Boswellia contains Boswellic acid, which has well known joint support and comfort properties and has also been shown to help maintain the structural integrity of connective tissues. It has also been shown to soothe digestive issues, can help to firm loose droppings, and is thought to support the respiratory system.

The mechanism of anti-inflammatory activity of the Boswellia extract is due to the boswellic acids, which are the active component of Frankincense. Riaflex contains 40% Boswellic acids. The chemical structure of boswellic acids closely resembles that of steroids, but their actions are different from prescription meds or NSAIDs. It is believed they help to maintain a healthy level of 5-lipoxygenase (5-LOX) activity, which in turn helps to inhibit inflammation.

Benefits of Boswellia:

  • Supports joint comfort.
  • Helps maintain smooth and comfortable joint movement.
  • Helps to preserve the structural integrity of joint cartilage.
  • May help to support digestive issues and firm loose droppings.
  • Thought to be beneficial for the respiratory system

What does a 5:1 standardised extract mean?

This means that there is 5 x as much of the active molecules when compared to the herb. For example 500mg extract would be equivalent to 2500mg of herb. Standardisation means you can feed a smaller amount of powder and get the benefits of feeding a higher level of the herb.



Ingredients in Boswellia (40% Boswellic Acid)


Also known as Indian Frankincense, Boswellia is a resin herbal extract from the boswellia tree

How to administer

Boswellia (40% Boswellic Acid) Boswellia is an easy to administer powder that should be mixed through damp food.


Per 5ml (1tsp) = 3300mg of Boswellia approximately

Per 100g:
Boswellia (100g)

Analytical Constituents

Crude Protein 0.5%, Crude Oils & Fats 6.9%, Crude Fibre <0.1%, Ash 0.5%

Weight N/A
Pack size

300g, 600g pouch


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