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Our Just Meat Raw Minces, freeflows and chewing meats are designed to be fed raw. Serve alone as a treat* or as part of a complete and balanced diet.

We suggest that homemade meals are prepared with 60% Natures Menu just meat chunks or minces/freeflow, 20% blended fruit/vegetables and 20% easily digestible carbohydrate (Mighty Mixer biscuits, cooked brown rice, oats or sweet potato). Or 80% meat and 20% fruit and veg, and a multivitamin supplement. We also recommend changing the meat and vegetables regularly to encourage a varied diet.
Fresh water should always be available.

Should you choose to use this product as the meat element of a home prepared raw meal for your dog then we recommend that you refer to our feeding guidelines for total recommended food amounts per day.

You will then need to calculate the ratios of meat, carbohydrate and blended fruit and vegetables to achieve the recommended daily amount. You can find out more about our home prepare range here

Keep frozen until use. Defrost in a sealed container for two hours or in the fridge overnight. Once defrosted please use the product within 24 hours. Normal hygiene rules apply for preparing and handling fresh/raw ingredients. Always wash your hands thoroughly after handling.

*If fed as a treat we recommend offering our raw chewing meats 1-3 times a week – applicable to raw meaty chews only


High quality mince in an easy to prepare, free-flowing frozen format. 100% natural and packed with goodness.  Suitable for working dogs. Pack size 2kg.

100% natural.
 Made with human grade meat.
 Grain free.
 Free from artificial colours, flavours and preservatives.
 Perfect for home prepared raw diets.
 Just thaw and serve.
 Complementary ingredient.
 Ethically sourced ingredients.


Freeflow mince is a convenient way to keep larger quantities of protein in your freezer – simply pour out the portion you require when you need it.

Freeflow Mince is an ingredient, not a complete meal. Add it to other ingredients to make balanced and nutritious raw meals at home.


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Beef, Chicken, Chicken and Tripe, Lamb and Chicken, Tripe, Turkey


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