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Want to know more about dogs?

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What is in the Newsletter?

We would love to keep in touch with you to let you know all about interesting events, workshops, classes and special offers at the centre.

We also want to give you some tips and insights that will help you understand your dog and why they do what they do.

Canine Mind and Body Balance is an education centre for people, not just for dogs. We offer many different education days, short talks, workshops and classes for different subjects to help you to better understand how our dogs think, learn, move and behave.

We often find that once people have been to us with their dog for behavioural therapy and/or physiotherapy that they learn a huge amount about what their own dogs need and how they can make changes to ensure they both have an enjoyable life together.

A sentence that we hear often is “I wish someone had told me all this years ago!”

So, if you would like to learn more about dogs and learn what to expect perhaps before you actually need it, we invite you to sign-up for the newsletter. We understand that our email inboxes are constantly bombarded with information we no longer want, so you can unsubscribe at any time if it the information is not useful to you.

So why not give it a try for a few weeks and see what you think?!

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The Newsletter contains tips, advice, insights and offers relating to services offered by Canine Mind and Body Balance.

The Newsletter may also include occasional links to services offered by others that we recommend, or to information sources we believe to be of interest to our subscribers.

Subscribers are invited to sign up to the newsletter if they have an interest in dogs, dog well being, dog related activities or therapies or products. They subscribe via a sign up form which is accessed via

Upon subscribing to the Newsletter, clients details are added to a mailing list which relates only to delivery of the newsletter. They will not be added to any other mailing list, either collected by Canine Mind and Body Balance or any other service or organisation, unless they specifically request to do so.

Clients are given the opportunity to unsubscribe and are offered email preferences to change at any time in every email they receive, quickly and easily. Once unsubscribed they will not be pursued any further in relation to the Newsletter.

Client details collected in the Newsletter mailing list will never be deliberately sold or given to any third party. Our aim at Canine Mind and Body Balance is not to misuse, profit or indirectly benefit from the client details collected, or to enable others to do so. They are to be used for the sole purpose of delivering the newsletter only.

Canine Mind and Body Balance uses SendGrid email services to facilitate provision of the Newsletter sign up form and collection of the submitted details.

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