Good Dog Everyday Essentials

Is your dog driving you mad?

Do you love your dog dearly but wish they could be just a bit easier to live with?

Do you dread having friends round or going for walks with your dog because they embarrass you?

Would you love to have the tools to transform your dog from troublesome to terrific?

Our Good Dog Everyday Essentials Programme is exactly what you are looking for. It provides you with a comprehensive toolkit to enable you to gain skills to be able to change the way you live with your dog.

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What do you get?

Client portal

Step by step video instruction to guide you through the process of taking photos and video footage of your dog.

Easy to use Upload Service

We have a dedicated upload portal to make it easy to send your photos and videos to us. No struggling to send large files.

Live Video Call

You can choose to visit us or sit with your dog in the comfort of your own home for the video assessment and for ongoing treatments.

Unique Integrative Service

Our service is unique because it is truly integrative, This means we take into account all aspects of your dog. We consider their behaviour, home environment, past experiences, diet, exercise and much more.

Our extensive toolbox of techniques allows us to then create a treatment plan tailor made for you and your dog and your unique circumstances and lifestyle.

Our techniques are all gentle and low impact to ensure your dog is comfortable throughout the process.

Contact Us

We offer a free initial consultation call to discuss your individual needs and those of your dog, and to answer any questions you have.


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