Good Dog Every Day Essentials

Is your dog driving you mad?

Do you love your dog dearly but wish they could be just a bit easier to live with?

Do you dread having friends round or going for walks with your dog because they embarrass you?

Would you love to have the tools to transform your dog from troublesome to terrific?

Our Good Dog Everyday Essentials Programme is exactly what you are looking for. It provides you with a comprehensive toolkit to enable you to gain skills to be able to change the way you live with your dog.

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What do you get?

Discover why your dog is acting up and how to change it

A whole set of videos dedicated to helping you learn how to make small simple changes which can radically change your life with your dog.

Teach your dog the skills they need to be what you want

Videos showing you how to teach your dog simple but effective skills that you can use every day, again and again, in every life situation.

One to one sessions to get an individualised service for you and your dog

You can have as many one to one sessions as you need online or here at the centre. We will help you choose the right amount.

Just one of the videos from the programme......

Ready to get started?

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