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"The only way to be truly integrative is to share our knowledge in our relevant
fields and listen to and learn from each other. "

Julie Moss (CMBB founder and therapist)

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If you were booked on an event which was cancelled you will be hearing about the rescheduling of that date by the end of July 2021. If you don't hear anything please contact us.

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Full Day Workshops and Seminars

Full day events for professionals and canine enthusiasts.

Half Day Workshops and Short Talks

Bite sized learning for beginners from one or two hours up to half a day.


Wednesday 20th October 2021

10am - 4pm

Canine Mind and Body Balance

Burnley Road East, Lumb, Rossendale, Lancashire, BB4 9PT

Places strictly limited

(maximum 4 handler places and 2 spectator)


This one day workshop is for those who have little or no experience with TTouch and is available in two formats.

We will be covering the basics of bodywork and groundwork and will also be looking at harnesses, wraps and lots of canine body language and observations.

TTouch is the use of non-habitual touch and movement to allow dogs to be free of limiting habits and to allow them the opportunity to change their habits to more productive ones.

It is completely non-force and, in fact, is all built around what the dog chooses or needs.

Perfect for anyone who wishes to learn how to better connect and work with dogs, whether that be as a professional or pet guardian.

You can choose one of two options

1. Attend the one day workshop only

2. Attend the workshop AND have 3 weeks of online follow up practice time. There will be a weekly online meet up to ask questions, access to online refresher videos and you can share your videos to receive feedback and further suggestions.

Option two is great if you want to practice at home and have follow up guidance. It is also great if your dog would not enjoy being physically present at the workshop, but you would like some help with that dog in a home environment where they are more comfortable.

Full day seminars and workshops

9th May 2020

A one day seminar by Dr Sue Armstrong. Essential information for anyone working or living with dogs.

£55 per person

27th and 28th March 2020

A one or two day seminar on how to care for your dogs M.S.K. system throughout life. Essential information for anyone working or living with  dogs.

Spaces left on day 27th only

£65 per person

25th April 2020

A one day seminar exploring the canine nervous system and how it should be considered when undertaking rehabilitation.

£65 per person

New date coming soon.....

A one day seminar exploring the canine nervous system and how it should be considered when undertaking rehabilitation.

£65 per person

31st October 2020

A half day First Aid workshop suitable for anyone who wants to learn how to handle emergency situations safely with their dog.

Date change!!

£45 per person

16th May 2020

A one day workshop covering basic canine TTouch body work and ground work for beginners. Suitable for anyone.

£65 per person

Saturday 9th May 2020

10am - 4pm

Lumb Baptist Church Lounge

Burnley Road East, Lumb, Rossendale, Lancashire, BB4 9PL

We have been seeing for a long time that diet can have a huge effect on the health and behaviour of our dogs. In terms of nutrition, what you eat is used to build and maintain the individual, however, there is a whole other reason why our diet and that of our dogs is responsible for so many aspects of health and behaviour.

Scientific discoveries have shown that there is a link between the gut and the brain and that the microorganisms in our gut, which make up our microbiome, can help or hinder us and our animals. For instance, recent studies have shown how an inadequate microbiome can lead to anxiety and there is currently much exciting research underway to discover how the microbiome may play a part in many chronic illnesses.

The food we give to our dogs is critical to their health and wellbeing and really is the foundation to good health, which cannot exist without correct nutrition. The same is true for ourselves. Eating the correct foods can create and maintain a healthy microbiome, whilst eating the wrong foods can create a microbiome which predisposes us to ill health.

Come and join us to discover how best to feed your dog (and yourself!) in a way that encourages a healthy microbiome, which leads to a healthy and thriving individual, rather than one who is simply just getting by or struggling with chronic illness.

Saturday 21st March 2020

10am - 2.30pm

Canine Mind and Body Balance

Burnley Road East, Lumb, Rossendale, Lancashire, BB4 9PT

Have you ever found yourself in an emergency situation with your dog and wished you were better equipped to handle it?

Then this workshop is for you!

Rachel Bean RVN is a Qualified Veterinary Nurse with 20 years experience.
Rachel teaches in a relaxed and knowledgeable manner. This Course will be discussions of common Canine First Aid scenarios with practical sessions including bandaging on real dogs and CPR on CASPER the Resuscitation Dog.
* NO PowerPoint
* Not a Human First Aid Company
* Real dogs
* Interaction is encouraged
* Small groups
Cost is £45
OCN Level 3 Certificate available at an extra £35 cost


Friday 27th and
Saturday 28th March 2020

10am - 4.30pm

Canine Mind and Body Balance Centre

Burnley Road East, Lumb, Rossendale, Lancashire, BB4 9PT

Only a total of 8 places available.

Small group so lots of opportunity to ask questions.

This is a 2 day course of lectures and demos. The course is suitable for anyone wishing to understand the canine musculoskeletal system on a functional basis rather than just anatomically and wanting to learn more about how this impacts on our lives with these dogs.
It is delivered as a combination of lectures and live demos and we will be looking at how to spot the very early and subtle signs of lameness. If you live or work with dogs it can help to be able to recognise these signs, as many behavioural and training issues stem from undiagnosed structural/soft tissue problems.

Day 1

Functional canine anatomy
With the emphasis on what different parts of the body do and how they interact with other parts in terms of movement and function. This aims to give a practical, general overview of how a dog moves.
Puppy musculoskeletal development
How you can influence the way that development progresses and prepare puppies for adulthood. We will discuss how genetic and environmental factors can affect how the puppy develops as an adult and how much can be improved and prevented at this stage.
Adult dogs
Hazards faced during this part of their lives. Injury prevention and management, suitable exercise, home management are all discussed along with how you can get ahead in preparation for being a senior dog with the best mobility possible.
Elderly dogs
How to improve their quality and length of life for as long as possible. We will also discuss ways of keeping them entertained and mobile with appropriate exercise and other alternative occupations to keep them feeling fulfilled. Treatment options will be looked at and how they can help the elderly dog to stay mobile for as long as possible.

Day 2
There will be a live demo dog for each of the three categories – puppy, adult and elderly, and we will be looking at hidden signs that your dog may be in need of some treatment for a musculoskeletal problem without you maybe being aware of it.
Body language and finer points of movement will be discussed and how they can give you information to help you maintain the movement and function as well as possible by being aware of early signs of problems.

Saturday 25th April 2020

10am - 4pm

Canine Mind and Body Balance

Burnley Road East, Lumb, Rossendale, Lancashire, BB4 9PT

Places strictly limited

(maximum 8 places)

Understanding the canine nervous system is essential to getting the best results with both behavioural and physical therapy. In fact both of those therapies go hand in hand, so whenever we are addressing the behaviour of a dog, we should not be ignoring the physical side of that individual, and vice versa.

Knowing how the two merge via the nervous system opens up a whole new way of thinking in the world of rehabilitation and its how we at Canine Mind and Body Balance work with all our clients, whether they be here for behavioural or physical therapy. You cannot satisfactorily address one aspect without acknowledging both, as the way a dog moves dictates how it feels and the way it feels can change how it acts and therefore moves.

We will be looking at the nervous system itself and how it governs everything a dog thinks or does. We will also be looking at how you can influence the system to encourage a dog to become ‘unstuck’ and change to a better way of being.

Half day Workshops and short talks

Coming Soon!

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