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Really good animal therapy requires a knowledge of and empathy with the patient

it's all about the dog

At Canine Mind and Body Balance we believe the animals who come for therapy should be treated with respect. We nurture co-operation with our canine clients and work within their range of skills and abilities. If they really cant, or dont want to do something, we wont force them and will seek to find an alternative.

This means we have a very flexible approach to canine therapy and treat each dog as an individual with their own needs and abilities. Years of training and practical experience means we have a wide range of skills and techniques to choose from and this is what makes our therapies successful. 

We prefer to try and start first with the treatment that will achieve most whilst doing no damage.
C.A.M. therapies are perfect for that.

integrative therapy
The aim of the centre is to provide a central place which offers and integrates a variety of canine complementary and alternative therapies tailored to suit the needs of your dog.
Complementary and alternative (C.A.M) therapies can be both appealing and confusing when trying to decide how best to help your dog. At Canine Mind and Body Balance we offer only services by fully qualified therapists, who all have the united view that the dog always comes first and at all times is treated with respect. You can feel safe in the knowledge that anyone who treats your dog at the centre will only do so if your dog is happy to be treated by them.
Not all of the therapies we recommend are offered here at the centre, as you may need to visit other specialised facilities to access them.

There is also a strong emphasis on education here at the centre and we aim to take the mystery out of CAM therapies and help people to understand how they work and how they can benefit our dogs.

Julie Moss
BSc. Hons. AdvCertVPhys, Dip.APhys

Hi! I am Canine Behaviour Practitioner, Veterinary Physiotherapist, TTouch Practitioner and founder and owner of  Canine Mind and Body Balance.

I have a BSc. Hons. Degree in Animal Welfare and Behaviour, an Advanced Certificate in Veterinary Physiotherapy, a Diploma in Animal Physiotherapy and I am a P1 TTouch Practitioner. I am a member of the TTouch Guild in the British Isles.

I specialise in identifying underlying physical causes of behaviour problems in dogs. Upwards of 80% of my behaviour cases over recent years have had an underlying musculoskeletal problem causing pain or dysfunction to the dog so my passion is helping people identify these hidden causes so they can get the appropriate treatment.  My greatest business achievement is the building of the Canine Mind and Body Balance centre and the developement of integrative therapy there to help address these problems.

I have been living with dogs for 32 years and has been working with them for 17 years and during that time I have shared my life with a number of amazing animals .

All of my animals have been inspirational educators and have each helped me to expand my skills and knowledge base in my quest to discover therapies and solutions which enhance their lives.

I look forward to working with you and your amazing dogs.


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